Douglas Kirkland Video – Protecting Art Work and Photographs

Photographer Douglas Kirkland on YouTube, talking about ARTtrust (video recorded by PR company at PMA photo conference):

New Info: Archival Prints, plus Defining Fine Art Photography

Tom Hubbard, editor of the Portland Metro Photographic News, author of numerous articles, and photographer, has recently published two articles that are worth a careful read. 

What “Archival Photographic Print” Really Means, offers a fresh look at this subject:

From the first part of the article (quoted from an interview with Harald Johnson): “”Archival photographic print” is hard to pin down. Why? Because there’s no uniformly accepted definition of what is “archival” and what is not. In fact, the word “archival” just means something that is in an archive, being stored, not necessarily monitored or preserved.”  Tom goes on the provide one of the best reviews, and suggestions, I’ve seen in quite a while.

The other, part of an ongoing series, When Is A Photograph Fine Art?, begins:  “Although nearly every… respondent agreed that art (let alone fine art photography) is subjective, nearly every professional forged on to provide insights that can contribute guidance and some direction when photographers evaluate their own bodies of photographic work.  After reading scores of replies, there are commonly-held views on what determines when a photograph reaches the level of fine art.”

While you are on his site, I strongly suggest that you take a look at his other articles. Tom is an experienced, thoughtful commentator and author.