Tour 09: Fine Art Printing and Fine Art Reproduction Update

We’ve been having a great time. We held our Tech Expo (day 1)  and Workshop Session (day 2) at the Denver Studio Complex and Denver Pro Photo. This was the first of seven events planned, ranging through Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The Tech Expo featured wide format printers from Canon, Epson, and HP, color management tools from X-Rite, displays from Eizo, cameras from Mamiya/Leaf, papers and print finishing products from Premier, lighting from Westcott, Eizo, and more!


The Tech Expo was very well attended, and we had reps from a number of companies present.

Dennis Halley (digital2you) was the primary host. During the course of the day, we fielded questions regarding inkjet printing, color management, print finishing, art reproduction, media selection, medium format cameras, and displays from Eizo.


We also had quite a bit of original artwork on hand, and print reproductions of many of these examples.

On day 2, we held our workshop on Fine Art Printmaking and Fine Art Reproduction. The session was very well attended; we had approximately 20 students in attendance.

We not only covered the “how to” aspects of fine art printmaking, we also got into the details of the business model for fine art printmaking, using your wide-format printer to make prints for other photographers, art reproduction, color management, print finishing, and more.


We had a complete fine art printmaking setup, and of course a studio setup for fine art repro:

I encourage you to attend one of the next sessions. We will be in Glenwood Springs, Santa Fe, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and Albuquerque.

To register for the workshop session, please go to the Digital2You web site here or CALL FOR DETAILS 303-934-2777

Workshop – Design and Create a Photo Book

Design and Create A Photo Book

Location: SCV Center for Photography, Santa Clarita, Calif.

Instructor: David Saffir

Aug 16, ‘09, 9 am-5 pm. Session fee $79, $69 for SCVPA members.

Learn about using services like Blurb, Apple, and MagCloud. Use print on photo book
demand to order one book or dozens, from wallet/purse size up to full
sized books. Learn about new soft-cover magazine printing services
that start at just 20 cents/page! These can also be a great alternative
to expensive photo albums.

Topics include:

• Matching your work to a book design – colors, sizes, and more.

• Creating a theme – subject, color palette, storytelling

• Choosing images

• Matching images that share a page or spread

• Creating the cover, and each page, including layout options

• Image editing for your book – step by step

• Preparing your book for printing

• Managing costs through good design

• Selecting a book printing service

• Distributing your book – as a product, and as your portfolio

Laptops welcome but not required. Attendees can also bring their own images to work on.

Advance registration strongly encouraged – class size is limited. For tickets, go to to this link.

Focus 2009 Tour and Seminar Series, Fine Art and Photographic Reproduction

Instructor: David Saffir

In October 2009, we begin a new tour and seminar series: Fine Art Printing and Photographic Reproduction. This series provides an in-depth review of the subject from several viewpoints: first, for photographers wishing to make fine art prints, and second, for curators, galleries, and other organiztions in dealing with artists and their work in the context of creating open- and limited reproduction editions of their artwork. Third, for artists who wish to expand their marketing efforts and created editions of their work for exhibition and sale.

Beginning October 2, 2009, and continuing through October 20th, the Tour covers seven cities in three states (Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico).

Designed for photographers, artists, galleries, printmakers, students, and organizations this series provides a number of learning experiences:

  • A full-day workshop which covers the complete scope of work involved in producing reproduction of fine-art watercolor, oils, and acrylic artwork. We begin with art selection, proceed to planning workflow, image capture, processing, color management, output devices media selection, printing, edition management, certificates of authenticity, print finishing, and more.
  • A Tech Expo which provides an opportunity for hands-on experience with a number of printer manufacturers’ equipment, color management, displays, and more.
  • A bonus summary session which provides real-world, practical building blocks for running your own business and achieving profitability in the Business of Fine Art Reproduction and Fine Art Printmaking.

We will have the summary business session the evening before the main seminar event. The main event, held the next day, runs from 9 am to 5 pm. In Denver, for example, we will have the Tech Expo on October 2, summary business session on the evening of Oct 2, and the full day seminar session on Oct 3rd.

The schedule:

Denver, Colorado

Friday, October 2nd Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Saturday, October 3rd Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

Location: Denver Pro Photo Studio Complex,

235 S. Cherokee St. – Denver, Colorado


Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Monday, October 5th Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Tuesday, October 6th Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

Location: Glenwood Recreation Center,

100 Wulfsohn Road – Glenwood Springs, Colorado


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thursday, October 8th. Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Friday, October 9th. Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

LOCATION : Holiday Inn-Santa Fe,

4048 Cerrillos Road – Sante Fe, New Mexico


Flagstaff, Arizona

Monday, October 12th,Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Tuesday, October 13th, Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

LOCATION : Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club Community Center

3605 So. Flagstaff Ranch Road – Flagstaff, Arizona


Phoenix, Arizona

Wednesday, October 14th, Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Thursday, October 15th, Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

LOCATION : Hampton Inn & Suites ,

16620 North Scottsdale Road – Phoenix, Arizona


Tucson, Arizona

Friday, October 16th, Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Saturday, October 17th, Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

LOCATION : Sheraton Four Points University,

1900 East Speedway – Tucson, Arizona


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monday, October 19th, Tech Expo and Summary Business Session

Tuesday, October 20th, Fine Art Printmaking and Art Reproduction Seminar

LOCATION : Holiday Inn & Suites Airport,

1501 Sunport Place S.E. – Albuquerque, New Mexico


This schedule may be subject to change. PLEASE BOOKMARK or subscribe to this page to keep up to date.

For registration links, go to the here  or CALL FOR DETAILS 303-934-2777.

Nikon Pro Guide to the D3 Camera

I’ve been searching around for a clear, concise document that explains some of the more sophisticated (perhaps I should say “complex”) features of the D3 and its cousins. I came across a very good document published by Nikon, that among other things, provides useage guidelines for the autofocus options on the camera. Here is a link to the PDF:









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Bit Depth Basics: Image Quality Is More Than a Numbers Game

One of the most under-appreciated features of newer-model DSLRs is their ability to capture images with greater bit depth.  Bit depth is a way of quantifying the amount of color information in each recorded pixel. It is also a key component of high-level image quality. In this post, we’ll look first at the numbers. Then, we’ll talk about what these numbers mean in terms of dynamic range, color fidelity, and highlight/shadow detail. These are key attributes that influence the quality of the final print. 


To read more, go here….. (HP Pro Photo Blog)


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Portrait Workshop Success, Landscape Workshop Scheduled July 26

We had a great session today in our Portrait Photography and Photoshop Retouching class. Great turnout in spite of 108 degree temps outdoors!

Next week, July 26 we have another workshop on landscape photography and image editing in Photoshop.

_MEL1851 copym

Workshop Session Two, Photoshop Techniques, Editing Landscape and Scenic Imagery

July 26, ‘09, 9 am-5 pm. Session fee $79 before applicable discount. SCVPA and NAPP members are eligible for discount.

Laptops encouraged. Students are also encouraged to bring their own images to work on.

Topics Include:

  1. Panorama techniques that WORK!
  2. Tips and Tricks in Camera RAW – get that image ready for prime time!
  3. Matching color in multiple images
  4. Full- Frame Color – fast track to whole-image color control
  5. Selective Color – adjusting selected colors to make an image “pop”
  6. Lighting – adjusting luminance of the entire image, or selected areas
  7. Creating that cool 3D look- dimensionality and depth with two key Photoshop tools
  8. Recovering highlight detail, restoring shadow detail – two techniques for success
  9. Poor man’s HDR – combining exposures for extra bounce
  10. Create front to back depth of field and sharpness – landscapes and close-up shots
  11. Intelligent Sharpening – crisp details, no halos!
  12. Converting to Black and White – using color adjustments and filters
  13. Choosing print media for appearance, longevity, marketability
  14. Providing a Professional Certificate of Authenticity with each print sold

Location: SCV Center for Photography, Santa Clarita, Calif.
28368 Constellation Road, Suite 340, Santa Clarita 91355

Go here for details and registration link:


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