Review in Professional Photographer Mag: SpyderGallery: Color Calibration Now a Reality for Your iPad

A new product from Datacolor, SpyderGallery, makes it dead easy to calibrate your iPad—versions 1 or 2—and the results are noticeably better: image quality, color accuracy, saturation, shadow detail, and detail in highly saturated areas are improved,

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Planning Photography Projects and Goals for 2011

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Here are a few of the photography ideas, projects, and resolutions I’m pondering for the New Year. I hope you’ll find some of these ideas useful in your own year-end review and planning for 2011.

What's Next?

Looking back, I notice several themes running through my personal work. What do I want to do with these? Expand on the ideas? Move on? Start new ones?

Some ideas I may pursue in 2011 include: (more)


New Workshop Jan 2011 – Black & White Imaging and Nik Silver Efex Pro ……


Think Different: Every Picture Tells a Story

Think Different: Every Picture Tells a Story

Every picture tells a story. That’s also a line from a song – but good image or bad, there’s a story and an experience in there somewhere. Emotion, form, movement, behavior, interaction, socialization, violence, the contrast of the young and the old – it’s there, isn’t it? Sometimes, one can find several stories within. In some cases the photographer intends this, sometimes not, and sometimes it’s just an accident – again, good or bad.

I draw a lot of my creative inspiration from the natural world. The cycles of day and night, an animal’s astonishing behavior, color in a wildflower, the rhythms of water- at times, they all speak to me.

I tried for days to capture this image of a flycatcher. He’s feeding at a pond near my home. These birds are so fast, that getting a sharp image is frequently a matter of luck. I’ve published this before, but I think it’s worth showing again.

Flycatcher Feeding at Dusk

I remember thinking, as I was taking photographs in a stream in the Colombia River Valley, that the stream had a unique pulse and rhythm – the level of the water rose and fell, the speed of the water went up and down, sounds changed , even the temperature varied. I felt as though the stream was almost a living thing.

Columbia River Gorge

I also draw creative inspiration from people I encounter, or from things they’ve changed as they pass through a place. I’m particularly drawn to things that don’t fit – call it eccentric, misplaced, irreverent – the non-conventional makes me think- everyday ordinary, however, beautiful, rarely prompts me to pick up my camera.

In past months, I’ve really made an effort to change my habits, and carry a smaller camera, or at least a pocketable one. Now I’m trying to change my habit of running off to the next thing, and pausing to capture something new, different, unusual – or inspiring. This one’s unusual, to say the least!


Think Different will, I hope, become a series of short essays on creativity and inspiration in photography.

Eizo Monitor

I will be testing an Eizo monitor soon, model number and specs to be announced. I believe that the demo unit will be available for purchase

after the trial (the trial involves light use, in-studio for a few weeks). It will be a 24″ model, priced reasonably. If you have any interest, please email me for details.

Will include screen hood, stand, box, instructions, and full warranty. Normal price is around $2400; the demo discount will be in the 20-25% range.