Add Copyright Watermark to Your Images in Photoshop

This is a downloadable file that you can use to watermark your images. It is a layered Photoshop PDF file.

Once downloaded, open it with Photoshop, not Adobe Acrobat or similar.

When you open it, you can drag the watermark layer to your new image, and adjust size, opacity, etc to suit. More instructions on the file itself. If you want to publish an image on the web, flatten layers and convert to jpeg or suitable format.

Watermark File Download Right click on link and choose “save as”.

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Douglas Kirkland Video – Protecting Art Work and Photographs

Photographer Douglas Kirkland on YouTube, talking about ARTtrust (video recorded by PR company at PMA photo conference):

Tracking Ownership of Fine Art Prints and Preventing Fraudulent Copies

Earlier this year I wrote about Certificates of Authenticity, and how they add value to fine art prints. There is an additional tool available, called the ARTtrust solution that can help track and verify the authenticity and ownership of each print.

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