New Video Workshop/Tour with Shane Hurlbut

The Shane Hurlbut Illumination Experience Video Tour

I’ve spent the last few days supporting the opening sessions of Shane Hurlbut’s Illumination Experience Video Tour. Datacolor is a sponsor of these events, which will take place in 26 cities.

The sessions are “intended for any filmmaker seeking industry insight on cinematic lighting and cinematography” – but they are much more than that. These workshops cover a lot of ground – from lighting basics through full cinematic setups, to camera operation and exposure management, to on-set color controls, plus post-production tips and more – and, Shane is one of the top instructors in the field.

Shane incorporates Datacolor technology into his color workflow, starting with lighting/camera setup through post-production.

shane photo


Quoting from the press release:

“The Illumination Experience is a two-part series; the Illumination Workshop, which will be taught in all 25 cities, and the Experience Masterclass which will be available to students in nine of these cities. (see link at the end of the post)

For the Illumination Workshop, Shane will demonstrate his avant-garde approach to three-point lighting during an interactive live shoot. Divided into three phases: discovery, creation, and execution, Shane’s students will…. design, develop, enhance, and supplement the storytelling process with lighting, script analysis, storyboard preparation, lighting schematics, and shot lists.

The Experience Masterclass is a day-long hands-on intensive consisting of two live shoots. The class will be divided into four teams. The teams will follow Shane’s lighting schematics to re-create film scenes from Crazy/Beautiful (2001) and Swing Vote (2008). With Shane’s guidance, students will learn to integrate methodical lighting with precise camera motion to achieve impactful results. Students will experiment with gear such as the Fisher 10 Dolly, the Movi, and the Kessler Crane in conjunction with various lights, filters, flags and bounces. Shane will critique each scene and provide customized feedback to each team.”

Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C., is a world-renowned cinematographer who has shot multimillion dollar blockbuster films such as Act of Valor, Drumline, Terminator: Salvation, The Rat Pack, We Are Marshall. Shane is a member of the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He is among a select group of cinematographers recognized by Canon as an “Explorer of Light” and by the Tiffen Company as an “ImageMaker”. “

For more information and registration:

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DSLR Dynamics – The Art and Practice of Digital Filmmaking

New Workshops – DSLR Dynamics

Join us and explore the art of digital filmmaking!

The Video Visuals workshops are taught by two award-winning instructors.

Barry Andersson is the author of a top-selling Amazon book for DSLR video/filmmaking, THE DSLR FILMMAKER’S HANDBOOK, speaks at top film schools, & is a regular instructor for many NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL production crews.

planetMitch is the owner of planet5D – a highly ranked website that features blog and video reports on topics vital to the HDSLR community — and he also interviews industry leaders via his popular planet5D podcasts. In addition, planetMitch co-produced the short film “Incident on Marmont Avenue.”

The sessions will cover, among other things, best lighting practices, cameras, lenses, and camera settings, adding movement to video, and effectively capturing sound, editing and post-production.

I’ll be joining them, sponsored by and representing Datacolor, and I’ll be addressing color management issues as they relate to capture and post-production.

Cities coming up on the schedule include Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and more.

For dates (sessions starting this week) and registration go here:

Photoshop CS6 Beta test started today…

I just downloaded the CS6 Beta version. Going to be working with it this week and next. Stay tuned as I report my ups and downs, likes and not-so-likes (?!?) in the next week or so. My goal is to post something interesting at least every other day.

PS – one observation: sure looks like Adobe continues to move toward harmonizing the editing controls and tools in Photoshop and Lightroom….

Five Reasons to Calibrate and Profile Your Display for Photography

Five Reasons to Calibrate and Profile Your Display for Photography

1. Ease of Use – A calibrated/profiled display is easier on the eyes, renders more accurate color, and causes less eye fatigue that a device used “right out of the box”

2. Money – most people using an uncalibrated display for image editing and printing photographs find that they get into a “print-tweak, print-tweak” cycle, which involves making a test print, adjusting at the computer, another test print etc. Pretty soon, a $1 8×10 becomes a $5 or $6 version of the same thing….. accurate screen to print match saves time and money.

Double Alaska Rainbow by Eric Rolf (Wikipedia)

3. Control – a calibrated display can be set up to give you an accurate preview of the appearance of your print – even as you are mid-stream in editing. You know where you are, and you know where you’re going!

4. Accuracy – this is particularly important when working with customers. Many will want to see consistent colors for their products – even small variations are important – as they are part of the “brand” and the market identity of the company. Similarly, it’s human nature to want to see real green, real yellow, blue, etc – and images that drift from that kind of realism are often not taken seriously by the viewer.

5. Improving your craft – display devices change over time, even in as little time as a few weeks. A stable, consistent display gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are working to the same standards all the time, which trains your eye and mind – you’ll see more in your images, and you’ll develop improved skills in managing changes during editing (or even shooting!)

And a small bonus – display calibration/profiling isn’t just for color – it involves managing brightness, among other things. You’ll find it’s much easier to discern fine details in highlights and shadows with an accurately calibrated and profiled display.

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Photography Quote of the Day – June 28


A photograph  is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.  ~Ansel Adams


Join us in our upcoming workshop:

Photoshop Selections and Compositing Made Easy
Wednesday, June 29th – 6:30pm to 9:30pm

New Free Webinar: David Saffir’s End-to-End Workflow for Creative Photographers

New Free Webinar: David Saffir’s End-to-End Workflow for Creative Photographers

from the press release:

“Join X-Rite and Nik Software for an hour with David Saffir, internationally recognized, award winning portrait, commercial photographer and fine art printmaker. He is the author of the book Mastering Digital Color: A Photographer’s and Artist’s Guide to Controlling Color, published by Thomson. His second book, focused on his photography, is titled The Joy of Discovery, and was published in Spring 2009.

This webinar will teach fundamentals of end-to-end workflow for creative photographers, from pre-visualization through color management, capture and selected image editing techniques.

We will focus on landscape and scenic imagery.  Using the latest tools from Nik and X-Rite,

© David Saffir

David will demonstrate his workflow using X-Rite i1 Pro solutions and his techniques with Nik’s Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro to achieve the best quality from his images.

Who Should Attend:

• Landscape and Nature Photographers

• Commercial Photographers

• Environmental Portrait and Wedding Photographers

• Fine Art Photographers

• Anyone interested in a creative, color managed workflow

Two sessions will be held on the same day.

Register for your choice of times. Be sure to register today and arrive early for the webinar. Space is limited and they will fill up quickly.

David Saffir’s End-to-End Workflow for Creative Photographers

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 9:00-10:00 AM PDT (check your time zone!)



David Saffir’s End-to-End Workflow for Creative Photographers

Wednesday,  July 13, 2011  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT (check your time zone!)


Learn more about David Saffir at

Incredible Timelapse of Milky Way, Spring 2011