EG7 Monterey- 2013 Wrap-Up

I just returned from the EG7 conference ( in Monterey, California. The name sounds a little mysterious, but the meeting is not. It’s been around for quite a while.

A couple of quotes that might help describe the event: “a gathering of and for innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education. The conference explores our most creative enterprises, by engaging a gifted mix of people — from rising stars to
living national treasures, the people who attend EG are among the most industrious and iconoclastic talents of our time.”

And… “This year at EG, Everything is Learning — and Learning is Everything. Many of the leading inventors, explorers, educators, entertainers, artists and entrepreneurs are joining us to probe these frontiers.”

Some of the “presenters” included Erich Kuhne, architecture, Nicholas Negroponte, perhaps best known for “One Laptop Per Child”,  Bathsheba Grossman, Three Dimensional Thinking,  Frans Lanting, nature and wildlife photography, Brant Austin, incredible full-scale photos of whales, Alison Gopnik, baby thinking,  Umi Garret, a 12-year old world-class pianist, and many, many more.

A long-time working partner, collaborator, and mentor of mine, Jack Duganne (, worked with me at the conference. We focused on making prints of portraits made during the conference – these portraits included attendees and speakers. We used the HP Designjet Z6200 and Z3200 large format printers, and we were very, very busy. Our thanks to HP and Eric DuPaul, and Jennifer Wills and Monica Wolff (of W+W Design – for making this part possible.

The presentations hit every note possible, in the arts, music, imaging, photography, philosophy – you name it. We all left with new ways of looking at the world, and the world of learning. Hats off to the EG7 team! Hope to see you next year!

Photo Plus Expo, New York City, October 2012 – David Saffir and David Tobie

Will you be attending PhotoPlus Expo in New York City, October 25-27? If so, David Saffir (me!) and David Tobie will be speaking at the Midwest Photo Exchange Stage, booth # 1027 at the show. We are currently scheduled:

Thursday 10/25
11:30: David Saffir- Screen to Print Match for Photographers
1:30: David Tobie- Moving into Motion: Video and Video Color for Photographers

Friday 10/26:
11:30: David Tobie- Moving into Motion: Video and Video Color for Photographers
1:30: David Saffir- Screen to Print Match for Photographers

Saturday 10/27:
11:30: David Saffir- Screen to Print Match for Photographers
1:30: David Tobie- Moving into Motion: Video and Video Color for Photographers


Be sure to visit Datacolor, nearby at booth #1239. See some of the latest technology in color calibration, the Spyder4, and
lots of other cool stuff!

© David Saffir

Important Western States/PPC Print Competition Coming Up

The Professional Photographers of California/PPC and Western States Print
Competition are coming up soon. This is a major print comp; images that pass the judging cycle
may be exhibited at the PPC Annual Conference, or even PPA:

Thu, 02/04/2010 – Mon, 02/08/2010,
Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green St.
Pasadena, CA 91101
760 743-4130

Doors Open: 07:00 am
Doors Close: 10:00 pm

Presented By: Professional Photographers of California, Inc
URL: Members can pre-reg for
free admission.

Proceed here to the print comp page:

Print competition rules and deadlines are posted. This is an
important competition – I encourage you to look at the prospectus and
consider the reasons for  entering.

Santa Fe Workshops: Fine Art Digital Printmaking, Feb 28 to Mar 6, 2010

February 28 – March 6, 2010, Santa Fe, NM


Our third year! Make your photographic vision come to life in this Advanced Photography Experience/Digital Lab workshop.

Join two accomplished photographers and fine art printmakers, Jack Duganne and David Saffir for this exciting, hands-on journey from a photo shoot on-location in the Santa Fe area, through high-intensity classroom sessions in image processing and editing, all the way to printing your new color or black and white images on brand-new state-of-the-art HP pigment-based inkjet printers.

We will spend most of our time in the digital lab, and travel out for a photo shoot or two during the week.

Topics will include, but are not limited to selecting vantage points and times of day for shooting, options in image composition, use of on-camera controls to enhance image quality, choice of digital file formats, importing and evaluating your images, processing images to maximize quality and artistic impact, and creating exhibition-quality color and black and white prints. We will wind up our week with an image critique and discussion of preparing for success in print competition.

On the last day, we have a festive evening reception and dinner – AND prints from the class will be shown on exhibition.

This is a work-group style class, with frequent one-on-one work. This limits the workshop to a dozen or so participants, so enroll early and reserve your spot.

Prospective students are requested to bring an open mind and their film or digital camera for a week of exploration and learning. Use of a camera tripod is strongly recommended. Film processing and scanning will be available. Applicants should have a working knowledge of Photoshop. Bring a portfolio box too, because you’ll want to take these images home.

About the Instructors

David Saffir is an internationally-recognized, award-winning photographer, author, and printmaker. He has taught in many venues, including the West Coast School Super Sunday, WPPI, Clear Focus Studios, the Hasselblad PowerPro Tour, HP Dreamcolor Seminars, and the Arles Photo Festival in France (Recontres d’ Arles).

He is also the author of Mastering Digital Color”, published by Thomson Course Technology. He is one of the principals of the Artists’ Showcase of Santa Clarita, and past president of the Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association. He has written numerous articles for Great Output, Rangefinder, AfterCapture, Professional Photographer, Digital Imaging Tech, and others.

Jack Duganne is an internationally-recognized photographer and a world-renowned fine art printmaker. He is one of the founders of Nash Editions, and now heads Duganne Atelier in Santa Monica, California. He has taught advanced classes throughout the US, and in Europe. His web site is

Join us in Santa Fe for a week of photographic creativity and camaraderie!

Best regards,

David and Jack :)

Link to Santa Fe Workshops Registration

or telephone: (505) 983-1400 ext 11

My Web Page

Newsletter, July 2009

Just back from some consulting gigs in the Southwest. What a summer!

In this issue:

New how-to articles, new Photoshop classes in California, upcoming seminars and workshops in San Diego, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Chicago, and New York.


Quick Portrait Retouch in Photoshop, Part I

Managing and Archiving Your Photos, Part II, guest author Robert Ash

Getting It Right In The Camera, Part I: Managing Depth of Field, guest author Ted Dayton

NEW Photoshop Classes

Turbo Portrait Retouch, Landscape Images, Personal Book Publishing

This multi-session series will enable photographers and other artists to use Adobe image editing products effectively and efficiently. I use a goal-oriented, hands-on approach.

Sessions are divided into segments that focus on important, practical issues. You can attend one, or all. You’you’ll go home and get results!

•Session 1, Photoshop: Turbo Portrait Retouching, 7/19

•Session 2, Photoshop, Landscape & Scenic Imagery, 7/26

•Session 3, Design and Create A Photo Book, 8/16

Click for details and registration.

Santa Fe Workshops: Digital Intensive: Fine Art Reproduction, Nov 2009

This three-day hands-on intensive is for photographers, artists, printmakers, curators, and gallery owners or managers interested in making fine- art reproductions for themselves or providing this service for others. Covering both the technical and the business aspects of fine-art reproduction, participants work through all the essential steps in the digital reproduction of works of art, from handling and capturing artwork to managing the artist’s expectations and profitability. Click here to see more and register

NEW WORKSHOP SERIES: The Art and Business of Fine Art Reproduction

New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, October 2009

Join us for a day-long intensive seminar on techniques for capturing, editing, printing, and finishing fine art reproduction, plus a detailed review of managing limited editions and making this into a sustainable business. Geared toward photographers, galleries, artists, interior designers, framers, and more. Cities will include Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, and others. Exact dates and locations TBA; stay tuned for details! If you want to be placed on the update list, email me: davidsaffir(at) (insert @ sign, please).

New photo tour: Fall Into New England (FINE), taught by April Bielefeld, Friday Oct 9- Saturday Oct 17

Here’s some info on April’s annual New England Photo Workshop: “October is not complete without our annual guided photo trip to New England. Autumn in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine is a feast for the eyes and the senses. The brilliant reds, the early morning frost on the leaves, bright yellow school buses filled with children….” (click on link above to read more)

News at deadline:

I will also be presenting and teaching at Print 09 Sept 11-16, in Chicago, and PPE Oct 22-24 in New York.

Techno Reviews: Watch my blog in August for a review of the Mamiya AFD III and their new 56-mp digital back!

New Workshops – Turbo Portrait Retouch, Landscapes / Scenics, Book Publishing

Updated: Photoshop, Adobe Camera RAW, Bridge, Lightroom.  
Image Editing, Printing, and Publishing for Photographers

This is a multi-session series that enables photographers and other artists to use Adobe image editing products effectively and efficiently. I use a goal-oriented, hands-on approach. Sessions are divided into segments which focus on important issues. You’ll go home and get results! 

Course materials include a CD with example lessons, and image files. 


•Session One, Photoshop – Turbo Portrait Retouching, July 19 COMPLETED

•Session Two,  Landscape and Scenic Imagery, July 26

•Session Three, Design and Create A Photo Book, August 16

Event Location: SCV Center for Photography

28368 Constellation Road, Suite 340, Santa Clarita 91355



July 26, ‘09, 9 am-5 pm. Session fee $79 before applicable discount. Location: SCV Center for Photography, Santa Clarita, Calif.

Laptops encouraged. Students are also encouraged to bring their own images to work on.

Topics Include:

-Tips and Tricks in Camera RAW – get that image ready for prime time!

-Matching color in multiple images

-Full- Frame Color – fast track to whole-image color control

-Selective Color – adjusting selected colors to make an image “pop”

-Lighting – adjusting luminance of the entire image, orselected areas

-Creating that cool 3D look- dimensionality and depth with two key Photoshop tools

-Recovering highlight detail, restoring shadow detail – two techniques for success

-Poor man’s HDR – combining exposures for extra bounce

-Create front to back depth of field and sharpness – landscapes and close-up shots

-Intelligent Sharpening – crisp details, no halos!

-Converting to Black and White – using color adjustments and filters

-Choosing print media for appearance, longevity, marketability

-Providing a Professional Certificate of Authenticity with each print sold





Aug 16, ‘09, 9 am-5 pm. Session fee $79 before applicable discount.

Location SCV Center for Photography, Santa Clarita, Calif.

Laptops encouraged. Students are also encouraged to bring their own images to work on.


Topics include:

-Matching your work to a book design – large or small? wide or tall? and more!

-Creating a theme – subject, color palette, storytelling

-Choosing images

-Matching images that share a page or spread

-Creating the cover, and each page, including layout options

-Imag editing for your book – step by step

-Preparing your book for printing

-Managing costs through good design

-Selecting a book printing service

-Distributing your book – as a product, and as your portfolio





All content © David Saffir, Santa Clarita, CA all rights reserved.

New Course Catalog, Santa Fe Workshops 2009

Santa Fe Workshops has published its new Course Catalog for Summer / Fall 2009. You can find the PDF here:

New Photoshop Workshops Scheduled in July in California can be found here.


santa fe

Santa Fe Workshops