The Big Fight Continues . . .

No, not the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight,

but David Saffir’s fight to recover fully from a major stroke.

By Cynthia Saffir

David Saffir

As many of David’s friends, colleagues and readers know, David has been fighting the biggest challenge of his life the past 5 months.  David suffered a major stroke at the beginning of last November.  After 3+ months in the hospital and residential rehab, David was able to undertake outpatient rehab. He does 6 hours of therapy 5 days a week — an often grueling, but always exhausting process.  David’s resolve remains strong though.  He is determined to resume a full life — getting back to photography, teaching, consulting, writing and enjoying family, friends and colleagues.

Stroke recovery is a long, difficult road as the brain has to re-learn how to listen and fulfill commands for the proper use of the affected parts of the body.  (Oh what I have learned about the brain, and strokes, and creating new neural pathways . . ..)  Stroke recovery takes a long time.  The best estimate is that the majority of one’s recovery from a stroke takes place in the year following the stroke, but fine-tuning can continue for a long time after that.

We don’t know when David will be able to return to work as a photographer, writer, printer and teacher — for now his only job is to work on his recovery.  Unfortunately, this “job” doesn’t pay.  Instead,  David has to pay to do it.  Many of you, at the beginning of this year,  showed incredible kindness and support for David and his recovery by generously  contributing to a fund to help pay some of David’s and his wife, Susan’s, medical and living expenses.

It is with hat in hand that I find myself writing to you again, seeking help for David and Sue once more.  Sadly, due to their lack of income, but certainly no lack of incoming and ever mounting bills, they have run out of funds.  I hope you will take the time to read David and Sue’s story once again at the link below.   Professional Photographers of California and David’s friends and family have started a new crowd funding campaign to help David keep up the good fight and keep moving toward a full recovery.

Please take a minute to look at the crowd funding link below to read more about David and, if you find yourself in a position to offer some support, we would be so very, very appreciative.

Please click here to go to the crowd funding website

Thank you!

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