David is planning a jail break . . .

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As many of you know, David suffered a major stroke in early November, which left his left side paralyzed. Since spending a month in the hospital, David has been in a residential rehabilitation home where he has been working hard toward recovery. I am thrilled to be able to report that he is regaining more and more movement in his left leg and as of the beginning of the year, has started to regain movement in his left arm.

We expect David to stay in the residential rehab another 1-3 weeks, at which point he will go to inpatient acute (more intensive) rehab for 1-2 weeks. We expect him to orchestrate his jail break by mid-February. He is looking to going home where he will continue physical therapy as an outpatient.

David thoroughly enjoys visits from friends and fellow photographers, all of which help keep him in good spirits. I cannot adequately tell you how much your donations and messages of support have meant to him and his wife, Sue – your donations are helping lessen the burden of David and Sue’s overwhelming medical expenses, as well as pay for a leg brace, a specialized wheelchair and other necessities of life.

Please keep your good thoughts and visits coming. David’s recovery is a long process, made so much easier by your support. If you are able and inclined to make a donation to help with David’s medical bills, you can do so through PayPal to the account csaff@yahoo.com or by check made payable to David Saffir and sent to me, his sister, at C. Saffir, 2266 Pelham Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Thank you for your support.

David, Sue and all of Team Saffir wish you a wonderful, and healthy 2015.


Cynthia Saffir

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