Recorded Webinar: Exploring Photographic Composition in Landscape and Still Life

Just completed my collaboration with C. David Tobie in this webinar: Exploring Photographic Composition in Landscape and Still Life
Co-sponsored by Datacolor and Digital Silver Imaging

Photographic composition is a key element of photography. To master composition, one must learn the ability to see compositions as shapes, lines, forms, masses, etc., and not just as recognizable objects. You must be able to visualize how objects function as forms in space under light, and how they will relate to a two dimensional composition. This webinar gives an overview of the use of photographic composition in landscape and still life photography, drawing examples from the work of masters of photography, as well as our own photographers.


Here’s a few comments offered by those who participated in the “live” version:

-Thank you for conducting an “artists” seminar. Getting the correct exposure and color balance are important, but understanding the complexities of visual interpretation and the psychology of experiencing images is so important. Your comments relative to the “human elements” within the images were very strong. Thanks for expanding your topics to include this so a deeper appreciation of the artistic aspects can be appreciated!

-Guys… this was a simply AMAZING webinar. One of the best I have ever attended. I am teaching two classes as we speak, and you have both given me a whole lot more to include in my instruction.

-Thank you guys. One of the most interesting webinars I’ve attended.

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