Reminder: Advanced Studio Display Calibration for Photographers – Free Webinar

Join us for a webinar on Advanced Studio Display Calibration for photographers! And get a chance to win
a FREE Spyder4 Pro calibration device!

Many photographers encounter issues in calibrating their displays for studio use causing them to spend countless hours editing images and wasting paper to produce accurate images. In this webinar, you’ll learn techniques for accurate calibration and consistent viewing in your studio and other workspaces. The results will be saved time and money, and images that look the way they did when you shot them.

On Wednesday, April 18th from 3 pm – 4 pm EDT (Noon PDT, etc), join us as Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Saffir and David Tobie discuss the issues photographers encounter when calibrating displays for use in photo studios and related workspaces, including ambient light issues, Studio Calibration Standards, and Side-by-Side tuning of displays for visual matching.

We will be giving away a free Spyder4 Pro at the end of the webinar!

for registration for this free webinar…..

Early Morning, West of Mono Lake

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