Five Reasons to Calibrate and Profile Your Display for Photography

Five Reasons to Calibrate and Profile Your Display for Photography

1. Ease of Use – A calibrated/profiled display is easier on the eyes, renders more accurate color, and causes less eye fatigue that a device used “right out of the box”

2. Money – most people using an uncalibrated display for image editing and printing photographs find that they get into a “print-tweak, print-tweak” cycle, which involves making a test print, adjusting at the computer, another test print etc. Pretty soon, a $1 8×10 becomes a $5 or $6 version of the same thing….. accurate screen to print match saves time and money.

Double Alaska Rainbow by Eric Rolf (Wikipedia)

3. Control – a calibrated display can be set up to give you an accurate preview of the appearance of your print – even as you are mid-stream in editing. You know where you are, and you know where you’re going!

4. Accuracy – this is particularly important when working with customers. Many will want to see consistent colors for their products – even small variations are important – as they are part of the “brand” and the market identity of the company. Similarly, it’s human nature to want to see real green, real yellow, blue, etc – and images that drift from that kind of realism are often not taken seriously by the viewer.

5. Improving your craft – display devices change over time, even in as little time as a few weeks. A stable, consistent display gives you the opportunity to ensure that you are working to the same standards all the time, which trains your eye and mind – you’ll see more in your images, and you’ll develop improved skills in managing changes during editing (or even shooting!)

And a small bonus – display calibration/profiling isn’t just for color – it involves managing brightness, among other things. You’ll find it’s much easier to discern fine details in highlights and shadows with an accurately calibrated and profiled display.

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