New Photo Review Series Coming Soon!

I’ve been working with Sally Wiener Grotta on a series of discussions of photography – less theory and more practical – ranging over use of light and shadow, energy in an image, focus and composition, textures, rule of thirds, and much more.

Eastern Sierra, California © D Saffir

Each discussion is presented in the form of a Quicktime movie. The image is displayed, and our unplanned, candid comments and discussion are provided as well.Our initial set includes nine discussions. All took place when we happened to be attending a conference. Audio is ok but not broadcast-quality (next time!) – but the discussions are lively and in many cases we make an effort to approach photo review in new ways.

We hope you enjoy these – we certainly plan a series during 2012, probably one each calendar quarter. We welcome feedback and questions, as we’d like to keep raising the bar as we go forward!

I expect to publish these within the next week or so.

Thanks, and good shooting!

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