New Webinar: Get Prints That Match Your Display (Advanced Printer Profiling Tips & Tricks)!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

For photographers the best display of your work is your prints. So it’s frustrating when a shot you worked on for hours doesn’t represent the true quality of your work in print. Datacolor is here to help. We’re dedicating an entire hour to teaching you how to get great prints with the Spyder3Print SR printer profiling system.

On Tuesday, November 22nd from 2 pm – 3 pm EDT, listen as David Saffir and Manfrotto Distribution Product Manager, Will Holowka, discuss how to get a great printer profile using the Spyder3print SR system. They’ll go over how to setup your printer, turn off color management on the most common printers, like Epson, Canon and HP. Plus, you’ll see how to use the Advanced Editing feature’s that come with the Spyder3Print SR.

During this Webinar, you have exclusive advantages:

1. Interact one on one with our special speakers. Ask questions & get the answers you need!

2. Automatic Chance to Win one of our three exclusive Prize Giveaways – one Datacolor Spyder3 Elite (DC S3EL100), a value of $249; and two people will each win a SpyderCube (DC SC100) valued at $59 each. The 3 winners will be announced at the end of the Webinar, so you must attend the Webinar in its entirety, from beginning until end to qualify for a chance to win.*

3. FREE recorded version of the entire webinar. Within 24 hours of the event, you will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access the webinar.

*In order to be eligible to win a prize, you must have a valid United States address and a valid email address upon registration.


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