“AUTUMN” Alphabet Is Calling in New Phoozl Alphabetography Photo Challenge

Charlottesville, Virginia, USA – September 26, 2011 — Photo-games site Phoozl.com today launched the Autumn edition of the “Alphabetography Photo Challenge: the Four Seasons” contest on Facebook. This unique competition — which challenges photo enthusiasts worldwide to find or take and then submit (for free) photos based on a two-part theme of the season (“Autumn”) and the specific letters of the seasons (“A-U-T-U-M-N”) — started on September 26 and runs for six weeks to its conclusion on November 6, 2011. You can find the contest on Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/alphabetography

(requires a Facebook account and “allowing” the Request for Permission screen)

“We’re super-excited about the new AUTUMN Challenge,” says Alphabetography creator Harald Johnson. “Our first three seasons were great, but this promises to be the best season yet! We’re again awarding 11 Prize Winners with some cool prizes from gift cards to books of value to photo enthusiasts. We are all about offering a safe place for people to share their photos in a fun and unique way.”

A Unique Alphabet Photo Contest Concept

During each season’s contest (using “AUTUMN” as the example), photo enthusiasts submit photos that apply or relate to the current letter that’s in play. So during the “A” Letter Period, for instance, participants upload photos that are associated with (whose subject matter includes in the Title) a word starting with the letter “A” (examples: Autumn, Ambiance, Arachnid, Attractive). When the gameplay moves to “U”, “U” photos are submitted. And so on through the six letters of the word “A-U-T-U-M-N” with each letter active for one week only. Entrants are allowed up to 5 submissions per letter maximum, and all submissions are free. Photos can be submitted via Facebook or photo-sharing sites, or uploaded from local computers or mobile devices. Participants can even join the contest late as there are six Letter Periods in this season’s Challenge, so there are multiple chances to enter.

Contest participants need only a Facebook account to enter, and they must be at least 18 years old. Photo submissions are acceptable from anywhere in the world, and there are no restrictions on when photos are taken or if they have been manipulated.

Voting, Judging, Galleries, and Prizes

Alphabetography includes photo galleries and public voting, and the Top 10 vote-getting photos for each letter move to the Judging Phase where a panel of three professional photographers – Daniel J. Cox, Bruce Frazier, Andy Katz for this contest — judge and score the 60 Finalist Photos based on published criteria.

The AUTUMN 2011 Alphabetography Photo Challenge costs nothing to enter but is offering (to 11 different winners) prizes sponsored by such companies as: Blurb, Datacolor, Frame Destination, SanDisk, Course Technology PTR, and Phoozl. Winners are selected in four categories: (1) Total Overall Scores, (2) Best Letter, (3) Voters #1, and (4) Phoozl Awards (“Most Phun Photos”).

The full “SUMMER” Winners’ List (with photos) is available for viewing on Phoozl.com:


One thought on ““AUTUMN” Alphabet Is Calling in New Phoozl Alphabetography Photo Challenge

  1. Thanks, David! FYI: we’re still in the “A”s this week so plenty of time to submit.

    NOTE: If you get the Facebook “Error” message, click the “Try Again” button (and again). If still getting it, clear browser cache or try different browser. It has to do with FB changing things (again!). We are working on this issue. Thanks.


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