New Photography Exhibition by Robert Ash begins August 5 – and First Major Show for ARTtrust in US!

July 26, 2011 For Immediate Release:

Photographer Robert Ash’ newest exhibition will be held at the historic Jayhawk Theater’s Upstage Gallery located in Topeka, Kansas, USA. It starts August 5 and runs for two months. It is Mr. Ash’ first major, solo exhibition, and it is the first major show for the ARTtrust identification, authentication, and security solution in the US!

The exhibit will showcase Mr.Ash’ high-end, hand-printed fine art landscape and travel images, all printed archival-quality, on 100% museum-quality cotton rag paper, framed with 8-ply conservation-grade mats, museum-standard reflection-free glass, premier local suppliers to support the local economy – and ARTtrust Bubble Tags™ to protect the authenticity of his work.

Robert Ash was the first major photographer to purchase ARTtrust Bubble Tag™ technology in the United States. (see more at ). “Our company’s high-end photographic artworks deserve the very finest protection for the art collectors who invest in them,” explains Robert Ash. “Being formally trained in computer science, I love new technology that enhances value. ARTtrust Bubble Tag™ technology is by far the most innovative and effective authentication technology for artwork that I have ever seen. And provably authentic artwork is always more valuable to collectors.”

In 2010 he won a Merit Award and 1st Place in the Weddings category with his first entry in a print competition, and has gone on to win 11 professional awards in just the past 16 months, including a number of merit awards and first place showings for his innovative landscapes, portraits and wedding images.

In February 2011, after only one year of membership, Robert was asked to join the board of directors of Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, one of the largest chapters of Professional Photographers of America. He is also a senior forum member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals and just got nominated to co-chair the Design and Innovation Committee of the Stanford Club of San Francisco.

Robert’s trademark style is bold use of vivid color. After being exhibited at a key Stanford University event last year, his unique color handling was noticed by one of the leading art galleries in the midwestern United States, the historic Jayhawk Theater’s Upstage Gallery located in Topeka, Kansas. Voted by the state’s legislature to be the State Theater of Kansas, the Jayhawk Theater is the first theater ever designed without columns holding up the balcony. President Abraham Lincoln is documented to have attended a performance there.

“Robert’s use of color is phenomenal, and displays a mastery we’ve never seen before – and we’ve evaluated hundreds of photographers as potential exhibitors,” explains Pam Renovato, curator of the Upstage Gallery, “and his showing exceptional care for art collectors through innovations like using unbreakable (ARTtrust) authentication technology for his work not only enhances the value of his art, but also enhances the already premier reputation of our gallery.”

Robert’s show is the first time the Upstage Gallery has featured only one photographer, Robert will be paired with a well-known local metal sculptor. “We’re all very excited to host the Robert Ash photography exhibit,” says Kathy Duncan, president of the Jayhawk Theater board of directors. “A leading gallery must exhibit innovative artwork. Robert’s vision and eye are unique. Robert’s upcoming exhibit is causing a great deal of excitement among art collectors in our region. We are even making plans for a special opening of the State Capitol for Robert to lead a photography workshop there.”

The exhibition starts August 5 to open the gallery’s busy season and will run for two months. For more information please contact the Jayhawk Theater at 785-233-4295 or visit

Robert Ash’ website address/contact info:

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