Printing Wallpaper??

I was noodling around through a blog written by a friend of mine, Ted Dillard (the blog is for Parrot Digigraphic) and I came across this article about printing wallpaper that I thought was just fascinating. I don’t hear a whole lot of talk about this topic, but I think it is still well worth investigating.

Here’s a snip and a link:

“Yes, indeed… anything you can print on a large inkjet printer you can also print as wallpaper! Real, live, highest quality wallpaper! One of our little-known media is a product that’s a bright white, opaque, water resistant, latex reinforced wet strength paper. It has a high white point giving you a wide color gamut similar to many photo-quality media. It’s a matte surface, and it’s water and scratch resistant and will last longer than the wall it’s on… and it can be applied to walls with standard wallpaper paste or adhesive.This media stands up to the highest standards of photo reproduction – yet, is a match for even a premium wallpaper stock. Except, you create the pattern… more

Also, a link to the Parrot blog…

One thought on “Printing Wallpaper??

  1. We print large amounts of wallpaper for commerical use. It is a very neat way to add some real personal feeling and style to a business space.
    We print with a Canon IPF 9000 so it is pigmented ink. The media we use in called Mural Pro and has a good feel and durability. We recommend the client use a liquid sealer-laminate once the tiles are up and the glue cured. This allows for a wipe down if the wall get soiled.
    Our rip sets tile width and over lap. We can control tile width by the size of the roll of media used. Most commerical hanges seemto like the 50″-54″ tiles. I guess fewer seams.
    We have done large photo murals for several projects. We did images of a cloudy sky for the ceiling in an up scale resturant. We are scheduled to do a run 14 feet tall and 85 feet wide for an appliction in a theater. It will be created from a hand painted mural, photogrphed into large panels, which we will rip and output.
    If you have a pigmented ink jet printer wall paper is a great way to increase your square feet of printing and start a niche for yourself.

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