Unique Phoozl ‘Alphabetography Photo Challenge’ Concludes on Facebook and Winners Announced

My good friend Harald Johnson, creator and supreme leader of Phoozl.com, announced results of the latest Alphabetography Photo Competition for Winter 2011!!

Here’s a few selections from the press release:

Charlottesville, Virginia, March 10, 2011 — Photo games site Phoozl.com today announces the conclusion of its inaugural edition of the Alphabetography Photo Challenge: the Four Seasons contest on Facebook. This first “Winter” challenge or contest began after the start of the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter 2010/11 season, and it ran for approximately 45 days to its conclusion on March 6.

After 240+ photo submissions from 19 countries, 700 votes cast, more than 15,000 total photo views, and demographically split (50%-50%) between men and women, and almost equally dispersed among age groups between 25 to 55+, the 30 Finalist Photos have now been judged, and the winners of the  Alphabetography Photo Challenge (The Four Seasons: Winter 2010-11) are…

First Prize Overall
Overall winners were determined by the greatest total scores that combined both Judging Phase Score and Phoozl Extra Points Score (a task in interaction with Phoozl.com). And the person who had the greatest combined total score (64) is: Hannah-Felicity Copely from Leicester, England. Here is one of her finalist photos, titled “Tearful Girl, Happy Mother” (from “T” Letter Period):

PHOTO: © Hannah-Felicity Copely

Second Prize Overall

he Second Prize Winner with a total score of 42 is: Christina Bording from Oslo, Norway. Here is one of her finalist photos (“N is for Neat” – “N” Letter Period):

PHOTO: © Christina Bording

Third Prize Overall
Third Prize overall with a total score of 30 is: Ove Alexander from Manchester, England. Here is one of his finalist photos (“Red kite flying at sunrise” – “R” Letter Period):

PHOTO: © Ove Alexander

Additional awards also include: (see Alphabetography Photo Challenge )

Best Letters
The six “Best Letter” winners (photographers) were determined by the greatest sum of the Judging Phase scores for EACH Letter period or category (“W-I-N-T-E-R”).

Phoozl Award
It was hard picking only a single Phoozl Award winner (for the submission selected as the “Most Phun Photo”), so we picked four!

It’s Not Just About Winning
In addition to the contest and the competition, Alphabetography Photo Challenge is just as much about contributing and sharing your photos, voting and commenting on others’ photos (or your own), and appreciating how other photo enthusiasts from around the globe see the world through their own camera lenses. Alphabetography is a fun way to dig into those photo archives (or take new photos) and come up with just the right shot to match a specific letter of the alphabet. Or as First Prize Winner Hannah-Felicity Copely puts it: “Joining this competition has given me motivation to go out and take photographs. I am already thinking of how to improve, especially working more towards the seasonal aspect.”

Thanks to…
Phoozl wants to thank the Judges (Wayne Cosshall, Andrew Darlow, David Saffir), the Prize Sponsors (Blurb, Datacolor, Frame Destination, Course Technology PTR), and most all, the photographers and photo enthusiasts who participated and joined in on our first attempt with Alphabetography.

About the Alphabetography Photo Challenge Concept
During each season’s contest (using “Winter” as the example), photo enthusiasts submit photos that apply or relate to the current letter that’s in play. So during the “W” Letter Period, for instance, photos that are associated with (whose subject matter includes in the Title) a word starting with the letter “W” are submitted. Examples: Winter, White, Wonderful. When the gameplay moves to “I”, entrants submit “I” photos. And so on through the six letters of the word “Winter.” Entrants are allowed up to 5 submissions per letter maximum. Photos can be submitted via Facebook or photo-sharing sites, or uploaded from local computers or mobile devices. Participants can even join the contest late as there are six Letter Periods in each season’s Challenge, so they have multiple chances to enter.

Contest participants need only a Facebook account to enter, and they must be at least 18 years old. Photo submissions are acceptable from anywhere in the world, and there are no restrictions on when photos are taken or if they have been manipulated.

“We’re super excited about this new contest that challenges photo enthusiasts around the world to sync up their creativity with the earth’s seasons and get recognition for their work,” says Phoozl’s Harald Johnson and the creator of the Alphabetography Photo Challenge. “Sure, there are other alphabet photo games out there, but there is nothing like this!”

About this Contest and the Four Seasons
Each temperate, astronomical season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) comprises its own complete Alphabetography Photo Challenge from photo submission to announcement of winners. A new contest will start with the next season in the calendar, “Spring”, on or about April 4, 2011.

The four seasons are based on the traditional names used in the temperate and sub-polar regions on the globe. Taking Winter as the example, this is the season with the shortest days and lowest average temperatures, due to the tilt of the earth’s axis and the lower intensity of sunlight striking its surface during that time. In the Northern Hemisphere, Winter corresponds to the months of December, January and February. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s reversed: Winter is June, July and August. So even though the Winter game takes place December-February (actually, starting in January), a Southern Hemisphere resident could select photos from THEIR Winter, if they want to meet the “Wintery” judging criterion (there are four different criteria). However, photos from ALL seasons are eligible for submission regardless of the season or the player’s location.

About Phoozl
The Alphabetography Photo Challenge is run and administered by Phoozl.com. Phoozl is a website destination or portal that provides a safe place to have fun with photos and photography (and other visual arts). The core of Phoozl is the many online Flash or “videogames” organized in different categories. Games range from puzzles to quizzes to “click mysteries” to “first-person-shooters” and other unique categories. But Phoozl is more than just online photo games. There’s information and learning, too, in the form of Photo IQ quizzes, Photo Tips from experts, and educational games that even include “brain-training.” Plus there are contests, creative challenges, missions, hunts, and “secret events.” There is also a PhoozNews blog, and a Community section will be coming online soon. Phoozl’s slogan says it all: “Putting the Phun in Photography”.

Primary editorial contact:
Harald Johnson

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