My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop

I saw an article today that listed 500 keyboard commands for Photoshop. A bit overwhelming for me, so here are a few of my personal favorite Photoshop keyboard commands. Saves time when you don’t have to use a mouse! (These are for the Mac – use the <control> key in place of the <command> key on the PC.

© David Saffir

<command> S – save (be sure you are saving under correct file name!)

<command> – A – select all

<command> T – free transform

<command> minus – zoom out

<command> plus – zoom in

<command> H – shows or hides the selection (like marching ants)

<command> Z – undo (toggles back one step, forward one step)

<command><option) Z – undo, repeats goes back through history steps

Press <space bar> to temporarily use hand tool (except for text mode)

<left bracket> – makes brush smaller

<right bracket> – makes brush larger

<shift+bracket> makes brush harder or softer

Tab – hides all panels and toolbar

<Shift + Tab> – hides all except toolbar

<control> Tab – switch between open images

Tool selection:

D – selects default colors in toolbar

F – toggles between full screen view,

G – gradient tool

J – Spot healing, patch tool, etc

L – lasso tool

M – marquee selection tool

S – stamp tools, like clone stamp

X – switches foreground color to background color

(If you hold the shift key, and press a tool selection letter,

you can “scroll” through the tool options under that toolbar button.)

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