Part Two, Fine Art Paper From Parrot Digigraphic

I’ve had the opportunity lately to work with a number of inkjet printing papers offered by Parrot Digigraphic. There’s quite a range of media to choose from, so for this post I decided to focus on a fine art paper that I particularly like, and that seems to fill an relatively unoccupied niche – Angelica Natural White Textured, 315gsm.

I say it is in a niche not because its application is narrow, but because it combines a very nice hand with subdued but effective texture. Its natural white color is very pleasing, lending a slight warm tone to unlinked areas of the print. As a point of comparison, I feel it falls in between Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, and Hahnemuhle textured fine art style paper – and quality is more than comparable.

The Old House © David Saffir

This is a finely-made watercolor-style inkjet paper intended for use with pigment and dye-based inks. I have found that when using pigment inks its rendered color gamut is very good, and black and white images show smooth gradations, strong blacks, and detailed highlights. Dimensionality and “presence” are excellent. It is available in both roll and sheet packaging.

I profiled this paper on my HP Designjet Z3200 using the built-in spectrophotomer and HP color management software. I’ve found the paper interacts well with the color management tools and the printers – and these paper profiles are stable and accurate.

As with many other papers, there may be room for improvement in this in-printer profile, through using the HP Advanced Profiling System, which generates test targets with a greater number of test patches. However, prints made using current profile are quite good, and I don’t see any issues across the color gamut, or in highlight/shadow detail.

Parrot also offers excellent in-house paper profiles for use with a number of inkjet printing systems.

The paper takes ink quite well, with no sign of cockling or other distortions. It handles well off the roll, which is always a bit of a challenge for fine art/watercolor style papers.

As with all non-photo-style papers, I recommend that users turn off the auto-cutter, as this may generate dust inside the printer. Instead, it is best to cut the paper outside the machine.

Overall, I like this paper for photographic use. I have not yet tried it for fine art reproduction. Parrot’s price point is very competitive – the combination of price and the paper’s performance makes this an option well worth consideration for your media lineup.

Parrot Digigraphic

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