Coming Up – Posts on Screen to Print Match, and Black and White Image Editing

I’ve been thinking about our latest webinar focused on end-to-end workflow. It was an amazing experience for me to have so many people on-line for the session.

Although there were many, many questions asked during and after the webinar, it seems to me that at least two topics deserve further discussion:

– Screen to print match – particularly display calibration
– Creating and Editing Black and White Images with Silver Efex Pro

So, in the next week I’ll be writing and posting articles related to these two subjects. In the first article, an important point of discussion will be the relationship between screen brightness and gamma, and how we match display to print.

In the second, I’ll focus on selective adjustments in Siver Efex using control points – control points can be used in a number of ways to manage small, and larger areas of an image – that statement doesn’t really do it justice, as you’ll see in the article.

Again, my thanks to sponsors Nik Software, Mac Group, and X-Rite Photo.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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