New Photo Critique Site:

I’ve just begun contributing to a new photo web site that I think is pretty cool. Called, it is a site where one can upload an image, have it reviewed in writing by a pro photographer, and get a written critique, tips and suggestions for improvements or additional work.

It’s pretty straightforward in concept and design. The real strength of the site is its lineup of pro photographers available for critiques – truly international, a wide range of professional interests – what’s not to like? Just about any category, landscape to product and beyond, can be critiqued.

Critiques are very systematic. Each critique category is given a written evaluation, and a score from 1-10:

Subject of photo

Composition & Perspective


Use of camera, exposure & speed

Color & Lighting

Depth of field

General impression

Suggestions for improvement:

I’ve been posting sample critiques on forums like Luminous Landscape, Fred Miranda, Flickr,, and others.

You can get your first critique free, after that it’s fee based. Go on, take a look at Gurushots Photo Critique.

Screen Shot of the GuruShots Home Page

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