Parrot Digigraphic Inkjet Paper Testing, Part One

From time to time, I get samples of paper to try in my studio. John and Mark Lorusso of Parrot Digigraphics were kind enough to send me samples of a number of media types, all branded as in-house Parrot products. I’m going to report on my experiences with these papers.

I’ll write this up in two blog posts, one tonight, and another within 48 hours (things are really busy right now – we have print competition tonight, among other things.)

Moving along: in some cases, one finds that these papers cost less, but don’t deliver the quality. In the case of Parrot, that’s just dead wrong: the Parrot papers are very high quality, render images well in color and black and white, have a nice “hand”, and last but not least, in many instances cost less than the average for high quality goods in this category.

I’ve been working with these papers over the last week or so:

Parrot Ultra Lustre Photo, 10 mil
Ultrawhite Matte Canvas, 21 mil
Angelica Bright White Smooth, 315 gsm
Angelica Natural White Textured, 315 gsm

I may have left one name out, but I’ll get it straight soon enough.

I’ve been printing these papers using the HP Designjet Z3200. I like the Z because it has a built-in spectrophotometer, and with just a few mouse clicks, I can profile a paper, print an image, and voila! Great color!

So far, my favorites are the Angelica Bright White Smooth, and Natural White Textured. They seem to fill a gap in products offered by other companies. In particular, the Natural White Textured seems to step in between other papers – for example, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag – the paper has a pleasing base color and texture, but not so much texture that it overwhelms the image, or starts to look like a canvas print.

That’s all for today, more to follow. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here’s a link to the Parrot Digigraphic web site.

3 thoughts on “Parrot Digigraphic Inkjet Paper Testing, Part One

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  2. Interesting. I might need to contact them and try those myself. We are looking for some new papers for our own customers. We have been using the Epson Somerset Velvet at but I have been hearing rumors Epson is going to discontinue it. The Somerset Velvet is real popular with our customers so I am searching for some similar in feel and weight alternatives if it does stop being made.

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