New Photo Critique Site:

I’ve just begun contributing to a new photo web site that I think is pretty cool. Called, it is a site where one can upload an image, have it reviewed in writing by a pro photographer, and get a written critique, with tips and suggestions for improvements or additional work.

The critique outline looks like this:

  1. Subject of photo
  2. Composition & Perspective
  3. Focus
  4. Use of camera, exposure & speed
  5. Color & Lighting
  6. General impression
  7. Overall Rating

Each item is given a write-up, and a evaluation score from 1-10.

You can choose among the photographers on the site, and send your request for critique to that person. Available reviewers come from all over the world. Your first session is FREE.

I suggest you take a look at the site, and give it a try. Here’s the link to GuruShots Photo Critique



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