New Workshop with David Saffir, Studio Lighting 101: Portraits

Venue: Santa Clarita Center for Photography, Two evening sessions: July 14 and 21, 2010, 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Cost is $109 if registered by 7/7/10, $119 after. Pre-registration is recommended.
(Phone registration call 661-904-2092; link to registration form at the end of this post.)

This two-evening, focused workshop teaches an uncomplicated, efficient, professional process from start to finish. Learn how to successfully pre-plan your photo shoot, put your lighting setup together to match a particular “look”, capture your image successfully, plan your editing in Photoshop, and create an image you can successfully print or provide as a digital file. Scroll down to read more….

Model Sarah Muldorfer

We’ll take you step by step through the process:

– Pre-session planning meetings with customers, clients/models, and others

– Identifying a look or theme, including use of printed examples, design ideas, and the like

– Pre-shoot coaching, with focus on making diplomatic suggestions for wardrobe and makeup

– Studio preparation, including backdrops, choosing a lighting style, and two or three light setups for portraits

– Classic vs. non-traditional lighting, using main and accessory lights

– Setting up your camera for successful capture

– Three-step fast and efficient editing in Photoshop

– Providing proofs to customers/clients

– Preparing for printing or publication

Hands-on work will include lighting setup and shooting.

You’ll leave the session with a list of action items in hand that will help you improve the quality of your work and improve your profitability!

To enroll, follow this link or call 661-904-2092

Lighting Diagram

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