Apple iPad Arrives: Great Tool for Photographers

Went to the Apple Store in Northridge to pick up my new iPad. The first thing I noticed (aside from the number of people) was that Apple had created TWO lines: one marked “Reserved” and the other for all other purchasers. Interesting.

One of the people from the store walked down the line with a clipboard, checking in the “Reservistas”.  Another handed out bottles of water to everyone. Seemed like many extra employees were on hand.

The Reservistas got to go inside first, in groups of 5 or so. A number of tables were set up for demos, question and answer, etc. This was a great idea, and the workstations were packed.

Note that the other store displays for computers, iPods, and such were nearly deserted.

Purchasing was painless – except for my wallet, of course. I also purchased the VGA adaptor and the “book” cover. I had previously ordered a small carrying case from Amazon – it is actually a netbook case, but works just right.

The iPad hardware works flawlessly. It is fast, easy to use, and the screen is colorful and contrasty. My only significant complaint, as with all glossy screens, is that reflections are a nuisance. I really like the way the image flips regardless of orientation – and that this can be locked in place if needed. Great idea.

Movies play smoothly, and look great. I can’t think of a better personal movie viewer out there.

The speaker is small. Interestingly, the sound quality is better than I expected. Sure wish they included two!

Note that not all computer USB ports carry enough voltage to recharge the iPad – including my not so new Macbook Pro. So you’re restricted to a newer computer, or the wall charger.

The iPad book reader is, in brief, a category killer. Comfortable, quick, intuitive, and backlit! Very comfortable to hold with the book cover on. Not to be mean-spirited, but why would anyone consider a lesser device?

Apple says there’s thousands of books available, but I disagree. The selection of desirable downloadable books available is thin, thin, thin. A lot of so-so titles, with some good ones too. I’d really like to see this improve, and quickly. Having some of the classics available free is great fun; I’m reading the Jungle Book right now. Cool.

Syncing is done through iTunes. I’m hoping that one of the app developers comes up with a workaround for this, so the iPad can be used as an external drive as well. Working through iTunes could be better in many ways (are you listening, Steve & company??), particularly file format compatibility and ease of use. The usual suspects, folks.

Photographs are imported through iTunes. iTunes does process the image so it can be digested by the iPad. As far as I can tell, it leaves identifying metadata (such as IPTC) intact. This is a must-have for serious photographers; I just won’t send an image to a client without it. Also seems to leave the embedded color profile intact, too. Whew.

The photo app included with iPad will create slideshows from a stack, and include music too. Slide timing controls and music controls are rudimentary. I purchased the Keynote app, and I’m going to try this next.

Portfolio presentations were the number one reason I purchased an iPad. The first two I created look GORGEOUS. I love ’em. This is going to be a great tool for working with clients.

The Mail app is the best yet from Apple. Nuff’ said.

Here’s my big thing for today: save your money on third party Apps for a while. I’ve purchased a couple, and they are either buggy or are outright junk. I’m not touching them for a long time – already threw away ten bucks or so – no more. The Apple Apps seem fine (Keynote, for example), and Apps from major players like NPR are also fine.

All for now. Last tip: if you don’t need networking or 3G turn em off; they do suck down the charge on the battery. And run, don’t walk, and get an iPad. A great tool for photographers.

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7 thoughts on “Apple iPad Arrives: Great Tool for Photographers

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  2. Thanks David!

    Nice review.

    David, is it possible / practical to hang the iPad on a wall? I’m thinking of the multiple use as a display when not in “active” use. Basically the best digital photo frame. I’m hoping that there will be some really good home control interface for it so that it will also work as the best universal remote and home automation pad. Certainly within it’s processing powers if it could access RF/IR.

    I’ll be interested in how Keynote works for slide sync presentations. While there’s nothing to keep one from creating a show in any of the programs available and porting to the iPad it would be fun to be able to actually do it on the iPad as well.

    Again thanks for the review.


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  4. David,

    Thanks for taking the plunge for photographer uses of the iPad.

    For myself, I can see having an iPad when it can be tethered directly to my 5D2 without an intervening desktop/laptop. As far as I know, that isn’t possible yet.


  5. Details are emerging of the new Dell “Looking Glass”. It is early days, but already it is being touted as an iPad rival. So what makes it so special?

    The specification is as follows:

    7inch display – resolution of just 800×480
    NVidia T20 (or Tegra 2) processor
    4GB of RAM
    an SD card slot for additional storage
    1.3 megapixel front facing camera for video calling
    optional digital TV tuner module so you can watch live TV
    compatible with Mp3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, Midi and WAV audio formats
    supports H.263/H.264, 3GP, MPEG4, WMV and FLV (Flash) video formats
    USB 2.0
    a G-sensor
    a 2100 mAh battery
    supports multitasking
    An initial scan of the features shows it has some of the functions that the iPad lacks, but does it have the style and ‘desirability’ that Apple manage to breath in to their products?

  6. David, thanks so much for this review. I just bought and iPad and came across this page on Google. I cannot find a way to upload my photos for PRINT developing, from my iPad. I have the camera connector kit, so I can get the pix from my camera to my iPad, but how do I get them to shutterfly, snapfish, or (my favorite) for developing????

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