Mastering Black and White Printing Workshop April 10

Reminder! Mastering Black and White Printing Workshop
David Saffir instructor

Take your fine art printing skills to a new level! Join us for a workshop focused  on creating and printing Black & White images. You’ll learn how to manage your color,
and really dig into your Black and White techniques so your  images sparkle!

Topics include:

Manage digital capture (in color) with black and white printing in mind

The process used in Photoshop to convert digitally captured color images to black & white, and custom edit as needed.

Learn in detail the use of Photoshop filters, presets, and adjustment layers. Customize tonal values, image density, highlight and shadow details, etc. Demonstrate using three examples: still life, landscape, and portrait images.

Understand using color management system to ensure color control, neutrality in black & white printing, and consistent print quality.

Evaluate edited images on screen (soft proofing using custom ICC profiles) for final output. Use custom adjustments and print variations facilitated by accurate soft proofing.

Understand the complete process needed to make fine art prints from a correctly prepared image file. This includes methods for creating proof prints that facilitate successful final prints, the use of paper/printer profiles, and using the Photoshop printer dialog and the printer driver.

Create prints and evaluate. Learn troubleshooting and problem solving techniques.

Learn methods of print finishing and coatings for photographic style, fine art, and canvas media.

Bring a file or two – we’ll be making sample prints from selected student’s images on our wide-format printer.

black and white image of antique railroad hand truck © d saffir

Hand Truck, Old Saugus Railroad Station

Cost is $109 for students who pre-register.

Call (661)904-2092 to register (preferred) or:
Click here to register online for a workshop.

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