New Workshop: Mastering Event Photography

Saturday, March 27th – 9am to 4pm  $119    SCV Center for Photography 661.904.2092

Event photography can be a great moneymaker for you in your photography. But how do you succeed at photographing dozens of people having a good time? This workshop will show you how! Here are a few examples of events you can cover:

Retirement parties, Baby showers, Bar and Bat-Mitzvah, Birthday Celebrations, First Communion celebrations, Quinceañeras, Wedding anniversaries, Family reunions, Class reunions, Corporate celebrations, Sweet Sixteen celebrations, and many other life events.

We will go into pre-event planning, the big day and post event. We will also talk about gear, paperwork, and organizational tools. In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

Create a marketing pitch and sales strategy
Make your pricing profitable and competitive
Recruit customers and groups, and book events
Scout the location, who to talk to on-site, and questions you should ask
Handle the pre-event meeting with your customer or group
Sign up event-goers for extra prints
Fill orders, collect payments and deliver prints, images and/or slideshows
And more!

For registration call 661.904.2092 (best), or go to (please scroll down page)

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