Planning for Success in 2010

I just finished a scouting trip to Joshua Tree National Park with a good friend of mine. He’s leading a group there in a couple of weeks. Haven’t spent much time together in the past few months, so it was a good chance to catch up.

Our discussions recharged my determination to develop five significant goals I will focus on in the coming year. I realize my choices may or may not be applicable to you, but I hope that this post will help you to create your own concrete, actionable goals.

1. Action Plan: I’m writing a new action plan – and learning from last year’s experiences, I will include additional concrete, measurable business goals (increasing stock/licensing sales, sales of fine art prints, and expanding my fine art reproduction business).

2. Creative People: I want to find opportunities to spend more time with creative people, get involved in their stories, projects, and dreams for the future. This is one of the best ways I know to recharge and be inspired.

3. Break Out of the Comfort Zone: I’ve already scheduled more time in the next few months for new kinds of personal photography work. I’m also going to go back to giving myself “assignments” when time permits to shake things up.

Desert Pool, Image by David Saffir

4. Get Help: just booked a project with a design consultant, who is going to help me make my blog and web site easier to use. We’re also going to improve “web visibility”: recharge indexing by the search engines of my written work and images, create more effective incoming and outgoing links, and improve the PR cycle.

5. Continuing Education: I’m particularly interested in very long exposures at night using digital capture, learning new, perhaps unconventional lighting techniques, and further expanding my skills in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Ambitious goals, but I think they are achievable. One trick I’ve learned is to put them on my calendar as part of my scheduling. In other words, make appointments with myself. Seems to work.

Finally, I have to thank all those who have helped me along in the past year. Workshop students, in particular, have a way of asking questions that challenge and inspire me to do better. Colleagues and business partners have been bringing me projects and assignments that are frequently out-of-the-box, and these help remind me to listen actively and understand.

Final note: I’ve updated my workshop schedule for 2010. You can find it via the tab at the top of this page, or use this link for the workshop schedule.

Happy New Year, and good luck to all!

David Saffir

7 thoughts on “Planning for Success in 2010

  1. I’m starting my own retouching business but have run into a bit of a snag. I’ve been looking for a place to do full bleed prints that does very small quantities at a reasonable cost. When I retouch an old family photo the client will ask for one full bleed 8 x 10 and at this point I can’t afford that type of printer. I hate to charge them an arm and a leg for a print because of my printing costs. Any ideas?


    • Diana – your choices depend, in part, on the level of quality you need. Any decent local photo finisher who has a Fuji, or Noritsu or similar chromogenic machine can make full bleed 8x10s at reasonable cost, and they will look reasonably good.

      Be sure to give them the file as sRGB, that’s what the machine needs. If you need black and white, give them a file that is greyscale, but RGB, and a copy of that file that is converted to black and white, and compare.


  2. The new year always inspires me to clean out uneeded things that no longer serve their original purpose, and reorganize all aspects of my life. Perhaps the occurance of the two new moons inspired my creative side and prompted the reseach of several new ideas, and implementing new goals both business and personal.
    I wish you and everyone all the best as we know begin the journey forward to a new and challenging year in our lives.

  3. Hi David,
    You mentioned “making appointments with yourself, as they seem to work.” I wanted to throw out, for general consumption, that anyone looking to help themselves stay on track might consider checking out the Franklin-Covey planner system. It includes steps such as you mentioned here…making appointments in your calendar for things that are important to you, and treating them with as much importance as you would an appt with a client. The Franklin-Covey system is a total and complete way to keep yourself focused on what YOU have determined are the most important goals for your day, your month, your year, and even your life. I’ve used it for years and get tons more done using it then when I didn’t. (and no, I don’t work for them nor get any “kickbacks” for my free endorsement of them…the system is simply THAT good!). If you’re serious about achieving goals, staying focused on what’s important and learning how to NOT get distracted to death, then check it out!

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