Medium Format Gaining on DSLRs

A quick thought which I’ll write more about later in the week: in the latest series of workshops, I am getting a lot of feedback from photographers that they are re-evaluating the usefulness of medium format cameras vs. 35mm format DSLRs.

Prices are converging – for example, Mamiya is offering a 28MP digital back along with their state-of-the-art AFD III camera with an 80mm lens and Capture software for around 10-11k. The image quality pretty much kicks 35mm to the curb – and that competitive edge, along with the new pricing is getting a lot of attention.

Not too long ago I wrote a review of this camera, which you can see here.

3 thoughts on “Medium Format Gaining on DSLRs

  1. Am eager to learn more about this, esp. given the Nikon D3x is 8,000 just for the body. I’m weighing seriously what my next camera will be. DSLR lenses are getting quite expensive, too. The main factors I see in DSLR’s favor are flexibility, portability and the convenience that goes with those. But huge quality superiority for little more cost is a very attractive prospect.

  2. I have a Mamiya DL 28, which was a little more than $11K USD [Maybe €11K]. I agree with your comments, but some think the point is moot given the decline of print media. My philosophy is to buy for today. If it’s overkill you have the capacity and if Apple come out with an iTablet and the requirements go back up, I’m not chasing my tail.

    Plus the back fits my other film Medium Format and Large format cameras.

    • James,

      Would you kindly share a few more insights on your experience with the Mamiya DL 28? What subject preferences do you photograph? Would you mind posting web-links to some of your shots?

      Peter Rounds
      Oswego, NY USA

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