Workshop – Design and Create a Photo Book

Design and Create A Photo Book

Location: SCV Center for Photography, Santa Clarita, Calif.

Instructor: David Saffir

Aug 16, ‘09, 9 am-5 pm. Session fee $79, $69 for SCVPA members.

Learn about using services like Blurb, Apple, and MagCloud. Use print on photo book
demand to order one book or dozens, from wallet/purse size up to full
sized books. Learn about new soft-cover magazine printing services
that start at just 20 cents/page! These can also be a great alternative
to expensive photo albums.

Topics include:

• Matching your work to a book design – colors, sizes, and more.

• Creating a theme – subject, color palette, storytelling

• Choosing images

• Matching images that share a page or spread

• Creating the cover, and each page, including layout options

• Image editing for your book – step by step

• Preparing your book for printing

• Managing costs through good design

• Selecting a book printing service

• Distributing your book – as a product, and as your portfolio

Laptops welcome but not required. Attendees can also bring their own images to work on.

Advance registration strongly encouraged – class size is limited. For tickets, go to to this link.

3 thoughts on “Workshop – Design and Create a Photo Book

  1. (I have been told that there is ) software that will fix the single sheet feed problems on the Designjet Z3100-I would like to know how I can obtain this software.

    • I believe the sheet-feeding issues can be solved through a firmware upgrade. It has been about a year since I looked at this issue, and I know that HP moves resources on its web site from time to time- so the best thing to do is to go to the main HP Graphics portal, and search for z3100 and a combination of parameters such as sheet feeding, firmware update, and the like. You can also contact Jack directly through his web site at

      Best regards


  2. This was an excellent class and one if you get the opportunity to take I would highly recommend. David covered taking your idea from concept to finish and this is what started my magazine.
    I have now completed and published my magazine. http//
    Check it out and thanks DAVID for a great workshop!!

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