Great Photo Op – Citrus Classic Balloon Festival, 7/31-8/1

We have a great photo op coming up, the Citrus Classic Balloon Festival, 7/31-8/1. There will be a hot air balloon festival this coming weekend, close by the Santa Paula Airport. It is an easy drive from Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, or Ventura.

Some of the great parts for photographers include the “Balloon Glow” event on Friday evening at 8 pm, and the balloon ascension Saturday morning at 6 am.  I’m particularly looking forward to the Friday night event, as the balloons will be tested on the ground, partially filled – great color! And the following morning, the balloons take off!

hot air balloons

Here are directions from the event web page; They indicate: take the 101 or 5 freeway, and then:

Directions traveling Hwy 126 West

Reaching Santa Paula, exit right onto Hallock Dr. at intersection with 76 gas station. At end of Hallock, turn right and follow road to soccer fields. Must present your Vendor Parking Pass in order to enter Vendor Drop-Off.

 Directions traveling Hwy 126 East

Reaching Santa Paula, pass Tenth St. Exit. Take next Left Exit turning left onto Hallock Dr. at 76 gas station. At end of Hallock, turn right. Follow road to soccer fields.

Here’s a link to the event web page:

my web site:

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