Eizo Monitor

I will be testing an Eizo monitor soon, model number and specs to be announced. I believe that the demo unit will be available for purchase

after the trial (the trial involves light use, in-studio for a few weeks). It will be a 24″ model, priced reasonably. If you have any interest, please email me for details.

Will include screen hood, stand, box, instructions, and full warranty. Normal price is around $2400; the demo discount will be in the 20-25% range. 


One thought on “Eizo Monitor

  1. Rosco, the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting filters (gels) has an interesting new product for photographers. The story behind the product is even more interesting.

    First, the product. It’s a low cost (less than ten bucks in the US) collection of the filters most often used in strobe or flash photography. The key is that these filters are cut to 1.5” x 3.25” – perfect for most speedlight flash units — and assembled in a pocket sized re-usable box.

    Are you thinking, so what?

    Well, here’s the back story. Photographers all over the world had for years checked in with Rosco to get a free swatch book, usually of the Academy Award-winning Cinegel range. Then they pulled out the filters they needed. This wasn’t a perfect solution, since the filters had a spindle hole from the swatch book and, in many cases, were just a tad too small for the strobe or flash. But they were free.

    Then the distribution of free Rosco swatch books, not just Cinegel, but also Roscolux and E-Colour, reached astronomical proportions. So much so that the money people at Rosco had to conclude that free wasn’t cutting it any more. So about a year ago, the company quietly instituted a small shipping and handling charge for online swatch books requests. That, plus the fact that the swatch book samples weren’t quite the right size led us to consult with David Hobby and other photographic professionals. The goal was to find a way to satisfy the shooters with the filters, in a size they need for their speedlight flash units, and at a price that everyone can afford.

    The result is called The Strobist Collection. You can see the details on the Rosco web site at

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