Survey Results, Educational Programs for Photographers

I tried the poll tool provided by WordPress. It is a snap to use, and it provided valuable information for my work within a couple of days.

The poll I designed asked selected questions about topics for teaching sessions, and methods of communication. Questions were composed using input from students attending workshops, sending email inquiries, and the like.

Responses are listed in descending order (multiple choice so will not tally to 100%). These should be considered to be general indicators, not statistically precise measurements.

Screen to Print Match 18%
Selective Color Adjustment in Photoshop 14%
Image Sharpening 10%
Inkjet Printing 8%

Color Management Workflow 9%
Creating Panoramas 4%

I prefer to go to workshops 14%
I prefer to download written guides 10%
I prefer video lessons 8%
Other 3%

If you look to the right of this page for the post links, you will see that these results motivated me to write a post on Screen to Print Match. The impact was just amazing – both from a traffic standpoint and comments received, private and public.

I encourage you to suggest topics to me. I’ll collect them, and as people’s interests converge, I’ll write about them.

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