Education Needs for Photographers

A quick poll on new educational content you’d like to see on my blog or site:


2 thoughts on “Education Needs for Photographers

  1. I am open to all forms of learning. Online/downloadable forms are easiest to incorporate in the schedule, though workshops are fun if I can make room. I use Epson large format printers,Image Print RIP, Nec Multisync 3090WQXi wide gamut monitor, both windows and mac, eyeone display 2 calibration, and canon cameras. Anything pertaining to my system is of interest, as I am insanely curious and always looking to fill in any knowledge gaps. :) cheers!

  2. I’d add comprehensive camera-to-print workflow to the list. That’s a basic whose principles are constant but whose application varies as technology advances. Also, if there are special considerations for printing and/or reproducing fine art panoramics or HDR images, that would be a leading-edge area of application given how popular these areas are now becoming.

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