UPDATE: Fine Art Reproduction Seminar New York, Wash DC

This has been re-posted as registration links have changed, and sign-up deadlines are approaching.

Join us for this introductory seminar and learn how you can add significant income to your photography or art-related business. New technology in fine art reproduction makes this a viable option for professionals and aspiring pros alike.

Offer high-quality fine art reproduction services to artists and galleries. The system is suitable for curators, galleries, museums, and fine art publishers.

Workflow includes:

  • Studio preparation for image capture using the Nikon D3/D3x
  • See a demo of the new HP Artist Software solution (embedded in the Ergosoft StudioPrint RIP) which can control color, exposure, illumination, density, and more.
  • See how the power of HP Artist software solution can correctly and efficiently automate image processing
  • Evaluate prints made on the new HP Designjet Z3200 photo printer!
  • Review recruiting artists or organizations as new customers – and learn how they can market their art reproductions at reasonable cost.

The many applications for fine art reproduction include:

  • Exhibition of gallery quality reproductions
  • Sales of limited edition reproductions of watercolors paintings, drawings or sketches
  • Archiving and restoration of national collections
  • Reproductions of private collections or family paintings

Attendees of this class will learn how to automate tasks and streamline processes reducing the production time from hours to minutes, while lowering costs to produce high-fidelity prints.

Attendees do not need to bring a laptop computer; just a pen, paper and open mind.

For more information please visit:

– http://www.nikonusa.com – http://www.hp.com/go/HPArtist – http://www.ergosoftusa.com – Web directory of relevant articles and presentations



JUNE 2: Adorama Photo, NY NY

JUNE 4: Mac Business Solutions, Gaithersburg, MD/Wash DC

These sponsors have made the educational programs possible at reasonable cost. My thanks to them for their support 


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