David Saffir’s May Newsletter Update – Part 2

Time flies in the springtime!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying better weather. It is windy and very hot here in California; unusual for this time of year.

I have quite a bit of news this round. New workshop dates, new content, and more. Here’s a set of links:

 I’ve moved my blog to WordPress. The link is David Saffir’s Photography and Printmaking Blog There is quite a bit of new or extended content on the new blog

I did this as I felt it was faster to load, and much easier to create a searchable index and tags for readers’ convenience. A great site; consider it for your blog.

Other new content on the site and blog:

Directory of Leaders in Photography, Printmaking, Color Management, and Related Fields

This is a directory of people who I feel are leaders in photography, printmaking, color, and related fields. I include names, web addresses, and one or two paragraphs describing their expertise. It is a work in progress, so you’ll see a good start, with more to come.

We have new seminars on fine art reproduction June 1 and 2 New York (B&H and Adorama) and June 4 in the Baltimore/DC area at Mac Business Solutions. Learn how the HP Artist Solution for Nikon can help you improve color accuracy, reduce costs, and build your business. Registration links are on this page.

Also, Santa Fe Workshops will host my three-day intensive on Digital Fine Art Reproduction in November, 2009. New Seminars, Fine Art Reproduction with David Saffir

I am also planning on opening a photography studiooffering rental space and educational programs in late summer 2009. Mango Studios Of California will be located on the West Side of Los Angeles, in or near Santa Monica. We intend to provide an environment for seasoned pros, aspiring professionals, and students alike. You can find further info on this near the top on the opening page of the David Saffir’s Photography and Printmaking Blog.

Panoramas r’ Us A new client, photographer Nick Carlson, is making multi-frame grand scale panoramas that are selling as fast as we can print them. Some are made up of dozens of frames stitched together, and print about ten feet long.

I have a continuing series on key issues in Color Management for photographers. Articles are based in part on questions I’ve received in the past few months.

Part OnePart TwoPart Three

Upcoming education sessions on the calendar later in 2009 include the ESRI conference in July. This is a preliminary announcement, so details will be coming up soon!

Access to other content that has proven to be useful and gets many visits is listed on my Intro & Site Directory page on my web site. You’ll find links to numerous tutorials, lessons, articles, and the like.

Thanks, and best regards,


David Saffir


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