Leaders in The Field of Photography, Printing, Color Management, and More

I’ve been building a directory of web sites of interest, published by a number of individuals and sources. These include photographers, printmakers, technologists, consultants, and more. This is only a preliminary update, and I will be expanding the level of detail with a week or two. I’ve done this in response to the many requests I receive each week for info like this.

These are not advertisements, but are references to resources you may find useful. I’ve listed people I know and trust.

Here’s an example of what you can expect to see:

Photography and Consulting

Wayne Cosshall: The Digital Image Maker, http://www.dimagemaker.com/
Wayne writes The Digital Imagemaker, the leading Australian photography, digital art and related area online magazine, with strong readership in the US and a growing readership in other countries. He is an accomplished photographer, writer, and consultant. Infrared and black and white photography, computer generated imaging, workshops, and other areas make up just a portion of Wayne’s areas of expertise.

Tom Hubbard
: Portland Metro Photographic News at http://www.pmpnonline.com
Commercial. Portland, OR’s portal to “all things photographic in the metro Portland area”. Includes the latest news for: photo gallery opening and exhibits, photo education workshops and seminars, photo equipment/software announcements, photo competitions, a virtual Student Gallery, photo tourist information, showcase photographers, and a complete photo event calendar for the Pacific Northwest. Tom also writes several other sites, which you can find via pmponline.com

Daniel J. Cox, http://www.naturalexposures.com/ is one of the world’s premier wildlife and nature photographers, and of course educators. Quoted from his site “He’s traveled to all seven continents, plying his craft in search of the images that help tell the stories and inspire his art.” He has many high-level awards for his work and “he is the sole author of ten books”. Enough said.  

Printmaking and Related

Jack Duganne, Duganne Ateliers, www.duganne.com
Jack is one of the few people I know who is truly a master of CS4, not just Photoshop, but pretty much the whole thing. He has been involved in printmaking long before most of us, starting out with the IRIS printer and escalating from there. He is an internationally-known authority on the subject, a superb educator, and photographic experimentalist.

Harald Johnson, www.dpandi.com Best known as an author (Mastering Digital Printing), Harald is at once one of the best specialists and generalists around. He’s an amazing communicator, able to bring artists, photographers, corporations, consultants, and other experts together in effective collaboration on leading edge projects. His web site is one of the best in the world as a resource on digital printing and related subjects.

Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design

Christopher Green Design, LLC http://www.christophergreen.com/ is a web site design, graphic design and web site development company located in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii near Honolulu. Christopher Green Design produces custom web site design and applications, company logos, web advertising, flash ads and flash demos, identity design, branding and promotional materials, web site analysis, web site planning, Search Engine Optimization, user interface and usability planning and documentation, ecommerce web sites, illustrations, print advertisements web site maintenance, web site redesign, content management systems and consulting.

And the short list (which will get longer…. )

Marc Aguilera, consultant

Mark Alberhasky, photographer

Robert Ash, photographer and printmaker

Andrew Behla, master printmaker

Dwight Blemker, superb landscape photographer

Jon Canfield
, photographer, author, educator

Amy Cantrell, celebrity photographer, educator

Milt Carlson, photographer

Nick Carlson, master of panorama photograph

Elizabeth Carmel, master of landscape and fine art photography

Skip Cohen, President, Rangefinder Publishing, and more

Jerry Courvoisier, photographer, Lightroom and Photoshop master, author

Ted Dayton, commercial photographer, educator

Joe Drivas, commercial photographer, educator

 Duganne, one of the best fine art printmakers in the world, THE Photoshop Ninja!

Eileen Fritsch, leading editor and author, industry guru

Don Gale, master landscape photographer and educator

Helen Golden, master digital artist and photographer

Chris Green
, master designer and THE go-to person for web design and SEO

Francis Hills, fashion photographer par excellance

David Hines, leading black and white photographer and painter

Jim Hull, watercolorist and consultant

Bill Hurter, chief editor and key leader at Rangefinder Publishing (Rangefinder, After Capture) and one of the top authors of real-life, practical photography books in the world

JD Jarvis, digital artist

Harald Johnson, leading authority on printmaking, photography, consultant, author

Ryan Joslyn, one of the best up-and-coming photographers I’ve met in the last five years.

Douglas Kirkland, one of the best photographers in the world (needs little introduction)

Alan Kozlowski, photographer and audio expert, among other things.

Mark Leet, world-class, leading photographer from SF Bay area

John Lorusso, President, Parrot Digigraphic

Sonny Tohan, President, Mac Business Solutions

Joel Meyerowitz, one of the all-time great photographers

Ed Ouelette, superb commercial photographer, S California

Reichmann, of Luminous Landscape fame

John Riedy, one of the best wedding photographers around

Liz Quinlisk, X-Rite, a master of communications and color management

Nadia Salameh, one of the best wedding and inter-cultural photographers I have ever met

Kat Silverglate, artist, designer, photographer

Neil Snape, arguably one of the smartest color scientists I know, and a superb fashion and still life photographer

Uwe Steinmuller, runs numerous websites for photographers, expert printmaker and photographer, author, educator

Bill Truran, amazing depth of knowledge in high-def photography, collaboration with large-scale publishing, color management, educator, author, and more

Henry Wilhelm, the leading authority on print technology, print longevity and testing, and a list just too long to provide right now.

The final version of the Directory will be posted at www.davidsaffir.com


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