Panoramas r’ Us…..

I’m working on a really, really, really large panorama print for Nick Carlson, a photographer located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. We are starting out with a 100×36 inch version, created for the lobby of a major new resort. The image speaks for itself, but first a few facts:

Size : 100×36, printed on the HP Designjet Z3200, using Professional Satin Photo media.

This will be displayed  on a what is best called a wooden mounting sculpture, and will be the first thing arriving guests see when they arrive at this high-end destination.

Since the image was assembled from nearly 200 images captured with a high-end DSLR, which were later stitched together into a near-flawless master file, I expect that not too far down the road we’ll be making prints for display twice this size.

All for now, as it is getting late. Here’s a downsized version made from the master file. The full sized version makes me feel like I could walk right into the scene. His web site is:




4 thoughts on “Panoramas r’ Us…..

  1. This ‘Professional Satin Media’ is this name of the material you are printing on? I tried to locate it but with no clear cut results with HP. How was it mounted on the wooden sculpture? I’ve done some this size + with wallpaper material and mounted with wall paper paste onto 1/2″ foam board but of course the board wants to cup/warp.

    Thanks for your insights,

    Rich H

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