Latest Workshop Update – Fine Art Printmaking

Jack Duganne and I had a great time hosting our fine art printmaking workshops in Santa Monica on May 1 and May 2. We covered a lot of ground – from advanced camera setup, use of advanced RAW processing, through image editing in layers, use of layer comps, multiple image print proofing, media evaluation and selection, and more. We also covered use of a number of wide-format printers, including the HP Designjet Z-series and the HP Designjet B9100 desktop printer. We had a mix of Nikon, Canon, and Hasselblad shooters as well.

One part of the workshop that generated a good deal of interest was selective color adjustment in Photoshop. Selective color adjustment provides fine control of color and tone – and methods we now teach for CS4 make this pretty intuitive and straightforward. With the right setup, what you see is what you get – you can work through different combinations, and get to your desired result quickly and easily.

One thing that make quite an impression on both of us was that some students booked flights to attend the workshop – they came from San Francisco, and as far as away as Atlanta, Georgia. 

I have several new seminar events coming up June 1-2 at B&H Photo and Adorama in New York, and Mac Business Solutions in Baltimore/Wash DC area on June 4. These will provide an introduction to starting and running a successful business in digital fine art reproduction using the HP Artist Solution for Nikon.

I’ll be posting a short tutorial on selective color adjustment, other event updates on my web site later this week, so stay tuned!



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