Color Management for Photographers – Part 3

I receive email almost daily regarding screen to print match. The biggest challenge people have is usually not color, but brightness.

So here’s a couple of tips:

First, it is really difficult to edit and preview images on screen in a bright room. Get room brightness down to nearly dark, and if you need it, a small tabletop lamp off to the side.

Next, re-calibrate your display. If you are accustomed to using 6500k color temperature, stay with that for now. However, using the display calibration software, dial down your screen brightness to between 100-120 cd/sqm. It will take time to become accustomed to this – the screen will look pretty dim.

And remember – if you can’t stand the results, you can always reset to your previous environment. If possible, give it a a few days, or even a week before you decide.

In the next post, I’ll include a test target you can use to evaluate your screen performance, and more info on screen management.

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